Pastors Jesse & Natalie Griffin

Our Family

Natalie  is a psalmist and a passionate worshiper who flows in prophetic and spontaneous worship. Many times the Holy Spirit uses her to sing the word of the Lord, also known as “The Song of the Lord”.  She is one who STRONGLY believes that miracles take place in the presence of the Almighty God on a one-on-one basis with Him and in the corporate gatherings of believers.

​​Natalie Griffin

Kingdom Sound Worship

The anointing on Natalie’s life is specifically given by God to bring healing and deliverance to the soul. Her anointing was cultivated under oppressive and difficult circumstances in which she had to push and break her way through to be able to position herself and walk in the authority and fullness of her calling.

​​​​​​About Natalie


She is the proud wife of Jesse Griffin and mother of  three children, Arianna,  Aaron and  their new arrival, Gabriel. Jesse and Natalie are both ordained through the covering of Fountain of Grace Temple, Inc. located in Campbell, Ohio under the leadership of Pastors Angel & Doris Lopez.

Pastor Jesse  & Natalie are working together to launch their church, Kingdom Reign International Ministries within Mahoning County, Ohio. Their goal is to advance the work of the Kingdom of God by activating, imparting into the lives of believers and demonstrating the power of God.