into His presence to hear from Him. It's at that moment in our BROKENNESS when we seek His help. A broken heart and contrite spirit He will NOT despise. 

I love the fact that God has promised that when we seek Him with all of our heart, for whatever matter we're going through, He promised that we would find Him. When we find Him our praises usher us into worship, worship then ushers us into His Glory, His glory then counsels us. Help & instruction is strategically given during our time of devotion & seeking the face of God (2 Chronicles 20:3-4). His counsel is PERFECT, thus giving us results and making us VICTORS! 

Judah is derived from the Hebraic root-verb:  ידה (yada) which means to "confess", "praise", "give thanks"; noun הוד (hod), generally meaning splendor, majesty, vigor, glory or honor.                                  


  • We first see the name Judah in the book of (Genesis 29:35). Judah was the fourth son born to Jacob and Leah. This compelling story allows us to see the cry of a woman in distress & starved of her husband's attention, love & affection. She had hoped that in bearing sons to Jacob, his heart would cling to her. Every time she gave birth, as Jewish custom, the names she chose for her sons attributed to her current circumstance.  She came to the conclusion that after her third son's birth, her expectations in Jacob drawing close to her were defrauded, her hope had dissipated. So, at her fourth son's birth, still feeling despised & unwanted, she decided to REDIRECT her attention toward God and she named her son, "Judah". She attributed this son's name to the One who had blessed the fruit of her womb. She declared, "This time I will praise the Lord!". 

  • Judah was also the tribe that went as a forerunner before the other tribes in many historical & monumental occasions, such as the story of the Benjamites & Israel in the book of (Judges 20) or Jehoshaphat and the victory of his people in battle (2 Chronicles 20). The story of Jehoshaphat & Israel going up against a multitude of enemies totally gives us an insight of how powerful our praise & worship is when it is presented to the Lord at His command and done in a spirit of trust and obedience. This story is such an eye-opener to the reality of the spiritual realm around us and how it becomes tangible in the natural. What a miraculous event that serves as an example of what happens when we are presented by an impossibility, completely incapable, and having no choice but to LOOK UP to God and SEEK for His help. 

  • Judah was also the tribe from which the very much anticipated Messiah would be born of. "The LION of the Tribe of Judah" & the Root of David! (Revelation 5:5) It's no wonder that Messiah Jesus/Yeshua (which means Salvation/YHVH will Deliver His people)  came from the Tribe of "PRAISE"! (Psalm 22:3)  tells us that He inhabits our PRAISES! He makes our praises His throne to sit upon and executes His power! 


When we REDIRECT our attention on God, we will FIND strength, hope & clarity.

When we GO UP into His glory, we will RECEIVE divine instruction & see from where the enemy is coming from BELOW US. 

When we STAND STILL, we will SEE God in all of His power & glory release His salvation & vengeance.

We are then DELIVERED from our fears & anguish at the sight of our defeated enemies & at the sight of His miracles.

Behind the Songs

2 Chronicles 7:1-18, Psalm 29:7, Romans 12:1; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


From Natalie's Heart

I was going through a challenging moment, and during my time of devotion I kept hearing Holy Spirit say to me, "Judah Goes First" (accompanied by a melody). I asked myself, "Okay God, what are you trying to say here?" I was reminded that the battles I go through aren't mine. They simply belong to the Lord. If I try in my own strength to fight (which many of times I've done) I make a mess out of every one of those battles & come out defeated! 

The most challenging thing to do when we're engaged in a battle is disengaging from it and releasing it to God in prayer and praise. All the while the fleshing is kicking against the spirit with all kinds of rational negative ​emotions running through one's mind & body, making it a harder press to get

 Daniel 7:14; Isaiah 9:7, Micah 4:2, Joel 2:1, 15-17, Exodus 19:16-25, Luke 3:5,6


God is calling us up into His presence by the drawing power of His Holy Spirit!  Let us listen and discern when we hear His voice. Let us receive instruction from the Lord for our Nation, as Elijah & Moses did and received instruction from the Lord for his people. Let us go up TOGETHER! ​

I received the melody of this song without the lyrics, which to my amazement, I later found out that this melody was reserved for a very special moment a couple of years later.  God breathed on this melody, bringing it to life, utilizing it to usher forth a message from His heart. He shaped it in such a way that He gave an opportunity for us to dialogue with Him & respond to His desire for us toward the end of the song. He truly is a relational God and desires to reveal Himself and speak to those who want to KNOW Him. 


My husband and I were invited to a Feast of Tabernacles conference in the U.K. He was assigned as the key note speaker and I was invited to 

When I audibly heard and received the melody and lyrics to this song, I was reminded of the blast of a trumpet or shofar/ram's horn. It IMMEDIATELY caught my attention while doing my household chores. I realized that this sound was released by the Spirit of God. His Kingdom in us speaks & manifests in the natural realm in a way that is tangible and understandable.  

I was reminded of how Moses was summoned by God to GO UP and receive instruction and then deliver the Word of the Lord (Exodus 19:16-25).

Judges 20:18; 2 Chron. 20, Psalm 132:8, Psalm 24:3-10, 26:7; Psalm 47 

"​​​COME UP"  

I stand in awe of God and ponder all the time in how He, in all of His Sovereignty & Awesomeness, He is mindful of us. As fragile as we are as human beings and in our fallen state, He still desires a relationship with us. He gives us the right to call him Abba-Father. Not only that, He gives His children full access to all that He is through Christ Jesus. He has given us gifts that reveal  to mankind all of the riches of His Kingdom.

His Kingdom reigns in pure hearts. Therefore, when we answer to His call, we become His agents, distributing a message from His heart & sharing His Will for man. We become His voice! 

'1 Peter 2:9 says, But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may DECLARE THE PRAISES OF HIM who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.'

Let us therefore, proclaim & declare the praises of Him who has called us - with understanding. So, I'd like to share a little more in depth as to what my songs mean and the prophetic message behind them. 

May these songs encourage, edify and elevate you into His Presence & Glory. ​​


minister in song.  This was the very FIRST time I ever "celebrated/commemorated" this feast. (I regret the fact that I've  missed out on honoring and taking part of such an important appointed time in the prior years of my walk with Him, and all because it wasn't on my calendar - "The Gregorian Calendar".)  Here I am, for the first time in my life, I'm stepping foot on another continent thousands of miles from Youngstown, Ohio, to catch a glimpse of a BIGGER picture of what "worshiping together" should be like in the United Kingdom. I experienced the beauty of different nationalities come together in one room with one cause: to commemorate, know more of and seek this Glorious King! This is God's heart! Salvation is for ALL OF THE NATIONS (Gentiles & Jews) & it's His heart's desire for us to be ONE in HIM! I can only imagine what it's going to be like when the Kingdom of our Lord will be established from Zion and all inhabitants from all of the nations of the NEW earth will celebrate the One who tabernacles & rules over them (Isaiah 9:6-7 & Revelation 11:15)

I remember our friend saying that she knew that the Lord was going to use me greatly to bless His people. Her words had me cling on tighter to the Holy Spirit and it made me cry out all the more on behalf of His people in the U.K.! I was pregnant, jet-lagged & disoriented of what time it was, but I was determined to seek Him with all of my heart! This I can firmly stand on and attest to, that when someone puts a demand on your anointing/gift in faith, be sure of this, IT WILL MANIFEST through the power of the Holy Spirit. I witnessed this the day of the conference. I had no idea what God had in mind until the day before the event when the Holy Spirit recalled to me the melody that He had given me a couple of years back. He took me to the book of (2 Chronicles 7), and there He began to give me the lyrics to the song My Fire. He spoke to me about the importance of the dedication of Solomon's temple and the spiritual parallel of how WE are to dedicate ourselves unto him as a temple for Him to dwell in & move through. We are a temple and our heart an altar in which the fire is to be burning all the days of our lives.


We are to offer our spirit, soul & body as a living sacrifice, in gratitude, for all that He has done for us (Romans 12:1)just as Christ offered Himself as a pleasing sacrifice to God for the Salvation of mankind. So, let us be sure to live up to the standards of how He wants us to live by: HOLY/SET APART.  The way we live is the way we worship Him, the way we worship Him is how we show our gratitude toward Him, and when we show our gratitude in spirit and in truth, He receives our offering and shows His heart's pleasure. We have no excuses of presenting ourselves to Him the way we "think" is pleasing or simply say we don't know how to live - we have a PERFECT example, therefore, let us look at the life of Jesus Christ.  

The protocol of how offerings & sacrifices in the Tabernacle were to be officiated were precisely given to man by God. We notice the repercussions of the mishandling of HOLY utensils in the story of Aaron's sons, Nadab and Abihu, when they lit "strange" fire before God (Leviticus 10:1).  God's fire in this case was an evident sign of displeasure.  (Hebrews 12:29) Our God is truly a loving God, but He is also a consuming fire! (We can compare the emotion of displeasure to that of a parent whose child mishandles something they are not to use without permission, with the exception of killing them, of course. We know that a good parent will reprimand the child so that they don't get hurt in mishandling a thing or matter in the future.) This event served as an example of the sanctification God demanded of His people. Let us strive for His fire to come refine us, cleanse us of all that is not like Him & consume our offering NOT our souls! 


The Word tells me that you & I are the temple of the Holy Spirit(1 Corinthians 6:19), therefore His power, presence, and glory goes wherever we go. We become a vehicle for Him to move through, a throne that He can sit upon, a Holy habitation for Him to delegate from and make His voice and glory manifest here on earth. Acts 2  unveils the "empowerment" that came from the promised One - the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus had mentioned before He ascended to the right hand of the Father. Flames of fire came down from heaven as the remaining 120 people waited in the UPPER room. They had to GO UP into the UPPER ROOM & WAIT for the promise. A promise that they so desired & sought after day after day for 10 days! They received POWER  & an unquenchable fire from above! A supernatural thing had occurred!

In the same way, God still desires TODAY to supernaturally move and divide flames of fire to all mankind (Psalm 29:7)! We become His flames of fire and He divides us as gifts to mankind! Not only to operate within the confinement of "four walls" of a church building, but wherever that we go! We see the greatest miracles take place in the market place! In Christ Jesus our Lord, we have received the privilege of sitting with Him in high places and have received ALL authority to execute His business hear on earth (Ephesians 2:6). Will you allow Him to tabernacle with you and in you today?  (2 Timothy 2:21)


We notice that the glory cloud came after the fact that the fire came down. All of the ministers that were there could not stand to operate in their duties, because of the weight of His glory and fear of His presence (2 Chronicles 5:13,14).

Today, the glory cloud of God still descends upon a place of worship where believers are in ONE accord and when He is pleased with an offering of pure worship . It's IMPOSSIBLE to experience this in our carnal nature and in irreverance.  Meaning, approaching Him any way we feel like! I've heard of testimonies of the Glory Cloud descending on corporate worship gatherings where everyone was in ONE accord. My mother was one of the many people who testified of seeing the "shekinah" cloud with her "natural" eye during a high time of spiritual revival during the 1970's at the Gethsemane Church in Puerto Rico. She said everyone was in one accord applauding for several minutes, nonstop. They were in ONE accord! They thought that there was a fire coming from the back of the church, they checked, and there was no fire in the building. Later, the deacons went outside to see if the "smoke" was coming from a building that may have been set on fire! There was no fire outside! Haha! As I was told, after they had confirmed what this thick smoke-like substance was, they came in and yelled, "The Shekinah Glory is here!"  Miracles broke out and were documented. The young people of that day still testify today! 

I believe the Spirit of God is visiting and will visit nations with a movement of His Glory like never before! We go from glory to glory in Jesus! So there are transformations we have yet to experience in Him! This happens once we've passed the self-centered and "outer-court" praise;  beyond the yolk breaking anointing of His touch, and then crossing  the threshold of the Most Holy Place to meet Him one-on-one. This is the place where He begins to search out  and reach into the most deepest parts of our heart, mind and soul. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are able to sense conviction which compels us to surrender everything before Him.  In turn, we are changed by His Glory, even our countenance is changed just as Moses' countenance was changed, because He had encountered the Glory of God! Will people be able to see that you've encountered the Glory of God by the look of your countenance? 

Let us press harder than ever before, beyond all that opposes the Glory of God, allowing His Spirit to remove any scales or veil of ignorance that may blind us (2 Corinthians 3:18)  so that we can allow ourselves to be changed by his Glory! 

Blessings to all of you! I pray that these articles have edified and encouraged you and may the sound of these songs elevate you into His awesome presence! 

How can a heart of stone be so damaging to our well-being? First, the bible states that we must guard our hearts above all things, (Why? Because it is WICKED.) because from it springs forth the matters of life (Proverbs 4:23). Secondly, let’s take a look at the matters of the heart. We all have feelings and were created to make choices too. Many of times our hearts lean toward the things we shouldn’t do/say/respond versus the things we ought to do/say/respond. Untended wounds caused by the BLOWS OF LIFE are the ones that can alter your perception of life, yourself and of God. 

We have two choices: ALLOW time to heal (with the help of the Holy Spirit) or put up a wall higher, thicker and longer than the Wall of China (and keep that wound from being healed)! A heart of stone is one callused by PAIN. Without being aware, we yield ourselves to bitterness which then turns to rebellion. Rebellion (open resistance to a person, authority or order) is the very stone that wraps itself around our heart and resists against truth, correction that brings healing and restoration. When God is leading you in a way, a heart of stone will lead you in the opposite direction. A heart of stone will cause you to REFUSE God’s intervention, when He may send people your way to show you a better and orderly way of doing things. A heart of stone will RESIST against correction even when it’s done in love, it has difficulty responding to the Holy Spirit’s tug. A heart of stone will ultimately cause you to REBEL against the nature of Jesus and God the Father.

HOWEVER, there comes a time when His words will be like a HAMMER that breaks the stony heart and more powerful than a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD that penetrates your very spirit and soul! Truth hurts but it brings CLARITY and sobers you up! (Jeremiah 23:29)
STONE-PROOFING THE HEART One thing that stone-proofed my heart in a few occasions in my walk with the Lord, is embracing the comforting power of Holy Spirit, His Word (Truth) and what He says about me! I can’t and won’t live my life without the Paraclete and Comforter! I absolutely need Him in my ups and downs of life. After all, He has my heart! If He has my heart, His passionate love for me will keep it from turning into a stone. I won’t lie, whenever my heart was grieved or my faith immensely tested, I have wanted to just throw in the towel, but His Spirit within me has checked me and CAUSED ME to restrain and continue to walk in His ways (Ezekiel 11:19-20)! I can’t imagine my life without Jesus and the Holy Spirit!


Maintaining a heart of flesh is important in our relationship with Christ. It keeps us pliable in His hands. I remember arguing with the Lord (within my heart) while worship was going on at our ministry. I was heavy with weariness and frustration and I could feel bitterness stinging me. I remember saying to myself, “I don’t feel like praising, I won’t and I have the right to feel this way.” This my friends, is resisting the Holy Spirit and doing the complete opposite of what I could’ve been doing to get through the crummy mood I was in! Suddenly, I heard the Spirit of God whisper to my heart, “You can’t possibly sit in my presence and not feel My love piercing you, I turn the heart of stone to flesh my child”. Then, my husband began playing a song that just totally jacked me up....I melted like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day! All it took was me being completely open and allowing my heart to be pliable in His Hands. In turn, His love chiseled away at my resistance, He comforted me and strengthened me. Thank God for the cleansing of His Word! It purifies our hearts.


A teachable spirit will allow ourselves to be transformed and regenerated DAILY by the cleansing of His Word. If we want to walk in the path of Life. There is nothing worse than dealing with an ignorant, hard-headed, stiff-necked and rebellious person! This is what you call UNTEACHABLE! Who better to understand this than God Himself, we read of Israel’s rebellion and resistance against Him in the Old & New Testament. Still today, God continues to speak His Word of truth to mankind...why? Because His Word is the Truth that will lead us to LIFE. Though His Truth is sometimes hard to swallow and pierces us to the point of feeling offended, it leads us to an abundance of life. He wants us to turn away from our ways and live!

Thus, “Hearts of Stone” was birthed and my prayer is that those who listen to my song will hear the message behind it and the IMPORTANCE of allowing God’s word, truth and love to penetrate are hearts at ALL TIMES!


"HEARTS OF STONE" Ezekiel 11:19-20; Ezekiel 36: 26 &27; Jeremiah 23:29; Hebrews 4:12

​​Natalie Griffin

Kingdom Sound Worship

Whether you are a believer of Jesus or not - one thing everyone can agree with is that life in itself is very challenging. It’s difficult to keep our hearts from waxing cold due to all of the trials we’ve gone through, people who’ve hurt us and overwhelming circumstances that may continue to try some of us. We attempt to “optimistically” process with our own understanding and at times can’t make sense out of it. Doing good and staying on the straight and narrow path at times seems contrary to how we may think things should go. There are times that in attempts of putting up a shield from being hurt, we allow ourselves to be overcome by our anger, pain, resentment, etc., which can bring on an UNEXPECTED result - a heart of stone.


Throughout the Old Testament , the Word explains how the elders & the people of Israel when they were called to assemble by the blast of the shofar or silver trumpet. They trembled at the sound of 'God's blast' and assembled to hear the word of the Lord , whether it would be for judgment, repentance, foran awakening/arising or for celebration of the God of their salvation (Joel 2:1, 15-17)

In the same manner, the words "Come Up" was God's BLAST to draw me UP into His presence so that He can reveal and convey His heart to me. I had never experienced hearing a voice as the sound of a trumpet. Now I can relate to what Revelation & 1:10 & 4:1 says, "After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will show  you things which must be hereafter." 


  • First, this song prophetically declares the EVERLASTING KINGDOM of our Lord (Daniel 7:14)He will one day establish His throne from the New Jerusalem and righteously rule over the nations.   Our Hope in a new heaven & new earth still stands and is found in Jesus Christ! His Kingdom is an EVERLASTING Kingdom of peace & justice for all!   Nations, tribes & tongues will behold His majesty and beauty, as we cast all crowns before Him in worship (Micah 4:2)!  (Hallelujah!)  

Let US 'rehearse' in coming up into His presence today in our corporate worship gatherings & our daily life of worship. Let us fellowship with true believers of different "nations"/racial backgrounds! God is stirring up the hearts of His people like never before to bring down the walls of segregation, prejudices & division in His Body. Let every mountain be made low, every valley made high, sanctify ourselves & rend our hearts before God and we will see His salvation (Isaiah 40:4 & Luke 3:5,6).                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ​

  • Secondly, the Spirit of God is sounding His alarm for us to look up, turn to Him & ASSEMBLE. Why? Because there is such an URGENCY for us to stop and listen to the Voice & Heart of God speak for this appointed season we are all in. There is such an UNAWARENESS & DEAFNESS  to His cry due to our busy lifestyles, vanity, self-promoting programs, greed, religious opinions, deep slumber and/or a desensitizing because of the power of the prince of the air (Satan). (The list can go on and on.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Wickedness is on a rampage, persecution against believers is increasing while our holiness, faith & passion for Jesus is at stake due to compromise. Nations are restless, hearts are restless. Even the earth is groaning with so many 'acts of God' manifesting, eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God to ARISE (Romans 8:19) and STAND in the gap for humanity! Let us arise with weeping, fasting & pleading before the Lord, let us proclaim the Kingdom of Christ, a Kingdom of Salvation! Let us proclaim His Kingdom in purity, in spirit and in TRUTH.